Parenteral products

Biological Therapies manufactures and stocks a wide range of the highest quality parenteral products and accessoriesBT B injectables including B vitamins, vitamin C, EDTA and a range of minerals.

We also carry diluents, needles, gloves and
consumables for injection.

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Oral products

Biological Therapies manufactures and stocks a
wide range of oral products  including a range of vitamin C powders, Vitamin solutions and  minerals in solution.

Biological Therapies' vitamin C powders 
and solutions do not contain any
additives, colours or flavours.



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For all wholesale inquiries and orders phone 

 1800 06 3948 (Australia)
 (61) 3 9587 3948 (International)
orders at biol dot com dot au

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Ebola & Vitamin C

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Given that many clinicians currently use high dose IV Vitamin C for a variety of acute viral infections, that IV Vitamin C is now being used in humans with sepsis, and that there are significant similarities between Ebola and sepsis presentations, Vitamin C given intravenously to Ebola patients would seem to be a wise step. Read the complete review



Chelation trial shows positive results

Dr Oldham link


view video of Dr E Magnus Ohlam



Dr Clifford Pang

ImageCEO and Hospital Director of the Clifford Hospital, Guangdong and CEO of the Clifford Medical Management Ltd., Guangzhou, China.

Dr Pang is a practicing TCM MD and Professor at Clifford Hospital and also a director of Biological Therapies. more


Special OrdersImage

Biological Therapies is a fully licensed GMP manufacturer and can manufacture special orders for doctors on request.


A range of such products are immediately available, for details please contact Dr Ian Dettman at Biological Therapies.


Note: Special orders are only available to registered medical doctors and hospitals.


Training for doctors and practice nurses:



Australasian College of Medical Nutrition

Next Injectable Nutrients training: Melbourne 6-8 June 2015 (Saturday-Monday – Queen's Birthday weekend) 
Preceded by 2-day Patient Assessment Workshop with Prof. Mel Sydney-Smith & Dr Ashley Berry
4-5 June 2015 (Thursday-Friday) 




Other Events:


Retirement of Prof. Robert Allen

Prof. Allen has retired from practice and from other official duties.  We thank him for his years as clinical advisor to this company and to his invaluable help and assistance.


Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Next training: Gold Coast
25-26 July 2015



Access to Parenteral Thiamine

Biological Therapies has a registered 100 mg in 1 mL Thiamine Hydrochloride injection in a box of 10 vials with a shelf life of 12 months.

Biological Therapies also supplies a range of registered B-complex injections containing parenteral thiamine.

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