Parenteral products

Biological Therapies manufactures and stocks a wide range of the highest quality parenteral products and accessoriesBT B injectables including B vitamins, vitamin C, EDTA and a range of minerals.

We also carry diluents, needles, gloves and
consumables for injection.

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Oral products

Biological Therapies manufactures and stocks a
wide range of oral products  including a range of vitamin C powders, Vitamin solutions and  minerals in solution.

Biological Therapies' vitamin C powders 
and solutions do not contain any
additives, colours or flavours.



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For all wholesale inquiries and orders phone 

 1800 06 3948 (Australia)
 (61) 3 9587 3948 (International)
orders at biol dot com dot au

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Ebola & Vitamin C

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Given that many clinicians currently use high dose IV Vitamin C for a variety of acute viral infections, that IV Vitamin C is now being used in humans with sepsis, and that there are significant similarities between Ebola and sepsis presentations, Vitamin C given intravenously to Ebola patients would seem to be a wise step. Read the complete review



Chelation trial shows positive results

Dr Oldham link


view video of Dr E Magnus Ohlam



Dr Clifford Pang

ImageCEO and Hospital Director of the Clifford Hospital, Guangdong and CEO of the Clifford Medical Management Ltd., Guangzhou, China.

Dr Pang is a practicing TCM MD and Professor at Clifford Hospital and also a director of Biological Therapies. more


Special OrdersImage

Biological Therapies is a fully licensed GMP manufacturer and can manufacture special orders for doctors on request.


A range of such products are immediately available, for details please contact Dr Ian Dettman at Biological Therapies.


Note: Special orders are only available to registered medical doctors and hospitals.


Training for doctors and practice nurses:



Australasian College of Medical Nutrition

Injectable Nutrients training 
11-13 June 2016, Melbourne


Nutrition Assessment workshop 
9-10 June 2016, Melbourne




Other Events:


NIIM 2nd Annual Symposium

Advances in Integrative Medicine
Sat 28th November 2015

Amora Riverwalk Hotel, Richmond, Melbourne


Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Next training: Sydney
19-22 November 2015



10th Annual Anti-Ageing & Aesthetic Medicine Conference: Melbourne
6-7 August 2016

Access to Parenteral Thiamine

Biological Therapies has a registered 100 mg in 1 mL Thiamine Hydrochloride injection in a box of 10 vials with a shelf life of 12 months.

Biological Therapies also supplies a range of registered B-complex injections containing parenteral thiamine.

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